Our First 5th Birthday

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1 December marks our first official birthday, that’s 1 year in business working for myself. This milestone inspired me to share a little about my journey and that of Digital Doorway, my baby. Instead of having children at 27 which I have many opinions on, I decided to have a company. I think as most new parents I had no idea what I was in for. I was pretty terrified, very stressed and yet so excited for the POTENTIAL. I’d been mulling this over for a few years, and got the kick I needed after being reminded how fleeting life can be. How we take our dreams for granted and push them aside. I wanted to live with passion and integrity, create something that I believed in and that I felt inspired to do with joy every day. I am lucky to have the most amazing female role models that remind me how much I want to be that for young women. The little girls in my life and so many of my colleagues and friends who lack confidence in themselves, who suffer from debilitating anxiety and all. that. patriarchy! So I finally decided to jump in with the love and support of many friends and family, many sleepless nights worrying about all the “what ifs,” a vague idea of a plan and ZERO savings.

My first week in business? My mom received the devastating news that her cancer which was in remission for the past 3 months was back, and there was more, in stages 3 and 4. This devastation meant things were off to a false start. Many days in this last year were spent working from a hospital, I’m not entirely sure how we all got to the end of this year, but arrived we have. There have been many ups and downs this last year. Sleepless nights, exciting projects, overcoming fear, massive anxiety and stumbling through a few hard learnt lessons known as FAILURE. My inner perfectionist can sometimes stop me from even starting, so most of all this year has held lessons about myself. I have learnt so much! Things like trust, gratitude, delegation and feeling excited about every new day. I now have cool things like a title, my partner has stolen Chief Entertainment Officer so I’ve settled for the Captain. We love what we do, we actually wake up without dread and are filled with enthusiasm figuring out how best to do things. Our way! Getting stuck into a new project is both nerve-wracking and exhilarating. If you are on the fence about going for your dreams, I urge you as the biggest worrier out there, nothing will make you happier.

What does being a boss mean? It means nurturer, decision maker, money mover and figurer-outer. That no one ever really knows what they’re doing and confidence is the most important factor. Self belief, determination and love are really all you need. That when you have an idea and some vision, you can literally make it happen with enough grit and tenacity. I am so proud of myself and my team (I have one of those too!) which is growing, along with the clients who have come to us. Everything has unfolded so organically. Just in time. Trust. It’s a powerful thing.

So today we officially celebrate our 1st birthday, but also our 5th because this company was actually registered in 2012 and it took that many years to be brave enough to lean in. To believe and to figure it out along the way. Thank you for the love and support, for the messages on days where I didn’t know how I could do it. For the allowance of tears and office yoga. For the importance of self-care and work-life balance (because this week I also celebrate my first stomach ulcer and so realise that I need to slow down). Thank you, cheers to us and to what the future holds. We’re looking forward to 2018 and have a feeling it’s going to be incredible.

tha Captain – Kalycia Urquhart

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